Large openspace of about 75 square meters, with an interweaving of exposed beams and natural wood floor. The light that enters from the ten windows on both sides enhances the white that envelops the loft of a romantic, almost rarefied atmosphere. The sleeping area is home to a prestigious 1930s-style bedroom with a king-size bed embellished with embroidered linen sheets. A suggestive chandelier by Venini of blown glass, always from the 30s, exalts the refinement of the environment. In the living area, a majolica Jugendstil stove divides the Austrian Secession-style dining area from the relaxation area, with a 1960 Square lounge by Marco Zanuso. The dining area has a table by Hoffman with an equipped kitchenette. The bathroom elements are the Lusso series, Tabor model, designed in 1961 by the ceramist Antonia Campi.